A patent pending home treatment device for men which increases sperm quality and testosterone levels with the help of PBMT technologies
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Increased fertility and libido for men


Monochromatic Light waves emitted from device helps to induce energy- ATF production in cells which improves secretive gland work and overall energy levels in sperm cells, as a result
Testosterone levels increase
Sperm motility improves
Count of normal forms of sperm cells rises


Instant results- light waves emitted from device works instantly by improving sperm cell motility
It is safe and effective to use - we have runned several scientific research and experiments for the device to test efficiently and safety for human health
It is easy to use- for improvements you only need to sit on the device for 10 minutes per week.

We have proceeded laser therapy in prostatitis treatment as scientific work already in the 90s. Simultaneously improvement of spermogramma and increasing libido has been observed. No doubts FertereX will work!

Doc. Vladimirs Voicehovskis
Expert of Latvian Council for Science                      

There are less than 5% of patients with normal spermogram in our clinic. There is no specific compound to treat them. Ferterex could be used with big success especially if inflammation process is on.

Dr. Valerija Magomedova Godunaova
Head of Board of association of Reproductive Health specialists and Embryologists of Latvia